Want to live a happy, balanced life with a rewarding career in fitness?


Founded by Trina Gray, a passionate leader in fitness, recognized worldwide.

Team Rockstar Fit is your solution to creating a happy, balanced business and life.

Trina helps people who want to live a happy, balanced life with a rewarding career in fitness. Is that you?

She works with Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Club and Studio Owners, as well as Fitness Enthusiasts who want to launch into the fast-growing industry.

  • People who seek her help do so because they need direction and are lacking the right tools and mentorship to grow.
  • They have positive attitudes and want more, but are not sure how.
  • People work with Trina because they trust her and like her reputation as a woman with integrity and strategy.

Trina works with…

Goal Oriented
Fitness Enthusiasts


Fitness Enthusiast

Trina works with goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts who want to supplement their family’s income from home by having an online fitness business on their own terms with little overhead.

Trina works with growth-minded fitness professionals who want to grow or supplement their business with nutritional options, online coaching and virtual workouts to spend less time in the trenches and more time living an active life.

Growth Minded Fitness Professionals


Fitness Professional

Growth Minded Fitness Professionals


Fitness Professional

Trina works with growth-minded fitness professionals who want to grow or supplement their business with nutritional options, online coaching and virtual workouts to spend less time in the trenches and more time living an active life.

Forward Thinking Club and Studio Owners


Fitness Club Owner

Trina works with forward-thinking club and studio owners who want to add new tools to their existing business to retain more clients and add more revenue with ease and simplicity.

What is Team Rockstar Fit?

  • Team Rockstar Fit is a low-cost, high-value online coaching team that specifically caters to people who already in the fitness industry or those who are solid fitness enthusiasts who want to grow a career in fitness.
  • Members easily and simply enroll with an Independent Team Beachbody coach account. With a low monthly payment of just $16.95/month to cover website fees, all of the additional training and mentoring and support is FREE. No strings attached, no contracts or hidden fees. You can cancel anytime, but you won’t want to.
  • Team Rockstar Fit is a no brainer decision for anyone in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom* who has a positive attitude in life and wants to grow in the fitness industry. You’ll have access to world class mentoring, whole food nutrition, online coaching and a virtual workouts to help more people live fit.
    (*More international expansion to come! Stay tuned and stay connected!)

Who is Trina Gray?

Trina is a wife, mom and 20 year veteran in the fitness industry. She and her adventurous family make their home on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron in Michigan. She owns an award-winning health club, she is an international presenter for IHRSA, the Athletic Business Show, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, a sought after business coach and an Elite Coach with Team Beachbody.

Trina Gray was recognized with the prestigious CEO Award from Team Beachbody, the Community Service Award from IHRSA and the Top 10 Small Business of the Year Award from the State of Michigan. She has earned her place as a leader in the industry with a lot of sweat, heart and hustle and she loves to pay it forward.

A decade ago, Trina was an overworked, underpaid fitness entrepreneur and working mom who was passionate about fitness, but felt like she was underwater. She had big dreams, but was just plain busy and running ragged. She ambitiously sought out mentoring, personal development and new opportunities to build a thriving fitness career.

She now has the freedom to enjoy life with her husband of 17 years, attend her kids’ sporting and school events and travel the world while leading million-dollar purpose-driven businesses that change thousands of lives.

Trina went from being a fitness technician to a leader and teacher. People on her team say that they have been able to take back their schedules, design their days and find success without having to leave the fitness industry or burn out. Do you want that?

Trina helps you build an online fitness business with her plug and play trainings, customized coaching and simple systems for business success. You do not need a lot of time, you need focus. She will help.

Trina works with a small number of new teammates per month to give you personal attention and one-on-one mentoring. She will connect you with others on the team to expand your network and meet positive people in fitness just like you.

Who is Team Beachbody?

If you want to have an online component to your business and income, Team Beachbody is the ultimate solution. It is packaged up and ready for you to implement, with the help of Trina and Team Rockstar Fit.

Team Beachbody is the direct sales business of Beachbody, a nearly billion dollar global leader in fitness. Team Beachbody has more than 400,000 independent coaches across the United States, Canada and UK (launching fall 2017) who are the CEOs of their own online fitness and nutritional businesses.

Coaches help people get real results with the help of premium grade Beachbody tools at their fingertips, as well as their own support and guidance. Coaches have access to top-selling Beachbody nutritional products like Shakeology meal replacement and the 21 Day Fix portion control system. Coaches also have access to the all new Beachbody on Demand, a digital library of every fitness program created by Beachbody, such as P90X, Insanity, PiYo, T25, The 21-Day Fix, Core de Force and the Shift Shop.

Coaches recommend tools that they like and that work for them. They share what they use and believe in and offer much-needed accountability to those who want help.

For a studio owner, this could be simply offering Shakeology on their website to help their clients nutrition.

For a personal trainer, this could be creating custom online programs to help their clients outside of sessions.

For a fitness enthusiast, this could be hosting a virtual challenge group to help friends and family eat better and exercise.

For no extra charge, coaches also have access to use a cutting edge mobile app, called The Challenge Tracker, to effectively and personally coach people where they spend the most time — on their phones. Coaches literally offer guidance to people at their fingertips.

How Do I Earn an Income?

The compensation plan is made up of three main drivers. Trina will review the compensation plan with you and enroll you in her free training to help you maximize your earning potential.

Coaches earn 25 percent commission on any product they recommend and refer.

NOTE: There is no need to stock products or make endless trips to the post office or bank. Beachbody handles all the payments and shipments. Coaches get paid electronically every Thursday. All customer orders are simply placed on a custom app or a website. There is no paperwork. This is a no-hassle, efficient business structure to allow coaches to spend time helping people and not stuck in administrative red tape.

Coaches can qualify for weekly team cycle bonuses when they decide to build a team of other coaches and share their skills with others.

Coaches can earn a variety of additional company bonuses, based on their level of activity, team growth and more.

Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of financial success. Your success is dependent on your own skills, drive and willingness to learn!

Team Rockstar Fit is your solution to creating a happy, balanced business and life.