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112 Trina Gray Best Practices of Club Management

by Fitness Business Podcast featuring Trina Gray

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You can get personalized mentoring and business strategy by connecting with TRSF Founder Trina Gray. She is a proud contributor to the Fitness Business Podcast, sharing her expertise and experience as an award winning health club owner and fitness entrepreneur.

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Trina is 20 year veteran in the fitness industry and has worn nearly every hat group fitness instructor, personal trainer, master trainer, health club owner, group training studio owner, national presenter, contributing author, IDEA Health and Fitness Association business consultant, online fitness coach and business mentor.

Todd Durkin Endorses Trina Gray and Team Rockstar Fit

Industry legend, owner of Fitness Quest 10 and top trainer in America, Todd Durkin, has been a friend and mentor to Trina Gray for more than a decade. Both Todd and Trina are featured speakers on the Fitness Business Podcast.

Todd shares WHY fit pros need to expand their revenue streams, seek mentorship and continue to grow.

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