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Earn an Income at Home

Why do you need Team Rockstar Fit?

If you are stuck in your career, looking for a way to earn an income at home with your kids, or wish that your life had more purpose, you are in the right place. Our team attracts many people, especially a lot of women, moms and wives, who are searching for something more.

Surround yourself with positive people, earn a flexible income, get paid for your hobby in fitness and grow as a person. Trina has been proud to both sponsor and mentor amazing women who have transformed their lives through Team Beachbody.

Rachel Doyle

From an unhealthy cosmetologist to a fit stay-at-home mom and part-time coach paying the home mortgage with her weekly check.

Theresa Schroeder

From a job-searching bank employee and lost small town girl to a fit mom and part-time coach who doubled the family income from home.

Lindsey Thompson

From a stay-at-home mom who lived paycheck to paycheck with her husband and little kids to an at-home CEO making a 6-figure income.

Julianne Condia

From an underpaid teacher and a childhood of poverty to a coach, wife and at-home CEO who lives life on her terms.

How do you do it?

On Team Rockstar Fit, we love working with fitness enthusiasts -- from moms and dads to college students and seniors! Anyone who has been changed by fintess and wants to pay it forward. 

You do NOT need to have a background in fitness. As a fitness enthusiast or hobbyist, we can teach you what you need to know to have an on-line business that is built on Beachbody programs, tools and your accountability.
We offer you training, we teach you how to run on-line accountability groups, we help you from square one.

The women featured here, some of our top coaches, have changed their future with their decision to say YES! 

Take the next step! If someone invited your to check out our Team Rockstar Fit family, check out the stories and resources we have here. Please connect back with the Team Rockstar Fit coach who referred you. They think you’d be a great fit for our team! We share our trainings and resources across the entire team. You’ll be in great hands.

If you are finding Team Rockstar Fit on your own or through our founder Trina Gray,
please click on the Start Now button to connect with her directly.

Hear Stories. Get Inspired

Team Rockstar Fit teaches people how to start and grow a career in fitness with our Rock the Business Training program. You’ll work on your own fitness and nutrition, you’ll dive into personal development and you’ll enjoy daily business lessons in social media, time management and more.

Hear Stories Get Inspired from other Fitness Enthusiasts

From Debt and Depression to Fitness and Freedom
Rachel Doyle and Carrie Novak

Two Michigan moms transform their lives as Beachbody Coaches. Carrie Novak and Rachel Doyle are 3-star, Premiere coaches with Team Beachbody. Listen to their stories and be inspired.

From obese and sick to vibrant and thriving
April and James Krubel

Parents of three outside of Portland, OR. They both had health struggles in their 30s and came to Beachbody in different ways. James lost 60 lbs on T-25 and Shakeology and April kicked all her medications and doctor visits to the curb from her autoimmune disorder.

April and James Krubel
Portland, Oregon

Overcoming the Odds: One Mom's Journey to find her Voice as a Beachbody Coach

A former teacher, mom, wife and diamond level Beachbody Coach. She grew up in a household of addiction, suffered abuse, bounced from home to home and suffered in silence. She got a degree, became a teacher and decided to re-write her own journey. She left teaching, and as a stay at home mom, is a CEO of her own fitness business from home.

Liz Colburn
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Team Rockstar Fit is your solution to creating a happy, balanced business and life.