Fitness Professionals

Create Multiple Streams of Income

Why do you need Team Rockstar Fit?

Team Rockstar Fit helps fitness professionals get out of the weeds, get mentoring and get tools to grow their careers and businesses by earning money outside of existing classes, camps and sessions. Add revenue and breathe easier.

How do you do it?

We show you how to offer whole food nutrition, online coaching and off-day workouts to your current client base. We also help you reach outside your zip code to former clients, people who have moved or friends and family who live across the country (and always say they wish they lived near you).

  • Coach Online
  • Train Outside Your Zip Code
  • Provide Meal Plans
  • Offer Superfood Nutrition
  • Boost Your Team's Income
  • Assign Off Day Workouts

There are thousands of successful teams in Team Beachbody, but not all success translates. If you are in fitness, you should strongly consider working with a team that talks the same talk and walks the same walk.

Kari Woodall
A TRX master trainer, firefighter, mom and studio owner who took control of her future and her finances by partnering with Team Beachbody.

Trina Gray
An IDEA Health & Fitness presenter, wife, mom, and club owner who stopped just treading water and built a dream life with Team Beachbody.

Club and Studio Owners

We can help you strategize the best way to introduce Shakeology meal replacement and the Portion Fix Eating Plan into your club or studio to add a revenue stream while providing a much-needed nutritional solution for your clients.

We can show you how to invite your team or staff (if you have one) on board in a way that benefits both them and your company. Owning a bricks and mortar business is costly, help cover overhead and payroll with income from Team Beachbody.

Hear Stories and Learn Strategy from Club and Studio Owners

Meet a panel of independent studio owners who have partnered with Team Beachbody.

They have grown their fitness businesses with new revenue from nutrition, online coaching and virtual workouts to help their clients get better results.

Jane Westreich
Brew City Wellness
Mequon, Wisconsin

Yvette Bernosky
Yvette’s Health & Fitness Center
Sarasota, Florida

Kari Woodall
Middleton, Wisconsin

Melissa Heston
360 Private Training Studio
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Amy Krenz
Class A Fitness
Greendale, Wisconsin

Personal Trainers

We can show you how to add online training tools to your existing personal training business.

We want you to have the freedom to earn residual income when you travel, or when clients cancel or if you get injured or need time away to take care of family. Life throws us curve balls.

Is your business strong enough to weather the storms?

Hear Stories and Dream Bigger from Personal Trainers

Carl Daikeler

Caitlin Gordon
Certified Personal Trainer
Evergreen, Colorado

Stacy Ricciardi
Certified Personal Trainer
Kapaa, Hawaii

Todd Durkin
Fitness Quest 10
San Diego, California

Group Fitness Instructors

We can show you how to engage your class participants outside of the group exercise studio to help with their nutrition and off day workouts. You can also offer coaching and support to people who cannot attend your live workouts. You can earn additional income in fitness when you are not teaching. We know you got into it to help people and have fun, but you can also earn an income doing what you love.

Trina has been proud to both sponsor and mentor some amazing fitness professionals who have transformed their lives through Team Beachbody.

This is WHY You NEED Team Rockstar Fit.

On Team Rockstar Fit, we offer a free training program called Rock the Business. You will learn how to start and grow your online fitness business. The lessons include exclusive videos from top leaders on topics such as time management, social media, expanding your network and personal growth.

We have hundreds of talented leaders who mentor coaches in fitness. Some of our top coaches are featured here. If someone invited you to check out our Team Rockstar Fit family, you’ll find everything you need to know here. Please connect back with the Team Rockstar Fit coach who referred you. They think you’d be a great fit for our team! We share our trainings and resources across the entire team. You’ll be in great hands.

If you are finding Team Rockstar Fit on your own or through our founder Trina, please click on the Start Now button to connect with her directly.

Team Rockstar Fit is your solution to creating a happy, balanced business and life.